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2017 Excellence and Price New Cars Suzuki Ertiga

2017 Excellence and Price New Cars Suzuki Ertiga

New Cars Suzuki Ertiga
New Cars Suzuki Ertiga
2017 Excellence and Price New Cars Suzuki Ertiga :
In the external appearance must be recognized is just visible change. Although new car Ertiga comes with a new part, from the front and rear bumpers, front grille with chrome, automatic folding mirrors, designs new peek, chrome fog lamp, chrome trunk door granish, board design is elegant and luxurious only to renew the design of audio only, since this section becomes one of the points of sale of Ertiga It claimed to have more luxurious panel between the products of its class design. Water in the cooling system and adjustable settings extended ECM jacket.
New Cars Suzuki Ertiga

In fact, there was a decrease in the maximum horsepower to 91.6 93.6. However, pena Suzuki idea brilliant to change the maximum torque at lower RPM. So the engine feels more sensitive, and a decrease in the maximum power is not too pronounced. Along with more efficient fuel consumption. As well as the price diangka £ 179 to £216,5 million, new car Ertiga is one that is highly recommended.

New Suzuki Ertiga comes with a cool drink on the outside. In the front there is some refreshment, covering the new front bumper in the body, the new front grille chrome (type GL and GX)
New Cars Suzuki Ertiga

New Chrome Fog Lamp Bezel (type GX), and the New Black Bezel Fog Lamp that has been created specifically for the appearance of New Ertiga stylish. As well as to add a stylish impression, on the side of New Ertiga added New Electric Foldable Outside Mirror (type GX), and New Alloy Wheel (type GL & GX) as well as a change in the New Outside Mirror Body Color,

New Turn Signal on Fender (type GL & GA), and New Wheel Cover (type GA). On the exterior side of the rear there is also a change in the New Rear Bumper and New Chrome Back Door Garnish (type GL & GX) as well as the addition of New Parking Censor (type GL & GX).

New Suzuki Ertiga looks more beautiful and stylish with the New Pattern Material Fabric seat and Door Trim and discoloration on Carpet Floor, Gear Shift, Under Hand Luggage Box Brake and who now have the color Dark Grey. 

Look more attractive interior side with a new design on the audio display (type GL & GX). The next feature is the addition of Accessories Socket on the rear console box on line 2 (type GL & GX) .Tak miss, Suzuki New Ertiga have changes to the third-row seats can be split 50/50 so as to enable the rider can carry luggage more. Lastly, the Auto Up Window Driver Side With Safety Sensors to make Suzuki New Ertiga more comfortable.

New Suzuki Ertiga has mainstay features with elements of Aman, Luxury, Efficient, Comfortable were also present in every variant of Ertiga, in order to meet the various needs of consumers and consumer Suzuki New Ertiga. For performance,

Suzuki new Ertiga trust K14B DOHC engine 4-cylinder 1. 400cc, Variable Valve Timing (VVT), Multi Point Injection (MPI), chain of sync of metal and Drive by Wire Technology that will make this car a shot steady in all situations, but more efficient in the use of fuel. New Suzuki Ertiga is still supported with front-wheel drive (fwd) who made that the performance of the car is responsive and efficient fuel because the engine's power is distributed to the wheels directly. With the support of MacPherson suspension makes the Suzuki New Ertiga vehicle is comfortable and stable while driving in normal or jammed circumstances.

New Suzuki Ertiga created by the combination of security and also the security features, to make passengers feel calm when driving this car. In terms of security, the content on the Dashboard & Steering Wheel Airbag device is present in all types of GA, GL and GX.
New Cars Suzuki Ertiga

There are beam side-impact as a standard of safety in this car features, what when the accident occurred the passengers still can get out because the doors are not coined. In terms of safety, Suzuki New Ertiga also has features to protect the driver and passengers of the danger of an accident that the safety belts for seven seats. Then, Suzuki new Ertiga is also equipped with door locks rear test of child in the rear door of the car.