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New Car Reviews, Specs and Price of the Toyota Hilux

Reviews, specs and price of the Toyota Hilux

New Car Reviews, Specs and Price of the Toyota Hilux
Reviews, specs and price of the Toyota Hilux
Reviews, specs and price of the Toyota Hilux: Toyota has finally released a new variant of the collection. After Ford's new-generation Ford Ranger with him, followed by a new Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota this time came up with a new version of the Toyota Hilux pickup, which is the pillar of the latest generation of Japanese manufacturers. The emergence of a new generation Toyota Hilux which had been a puzzle. Since the distance between the launch of the Toyota pickup alerts is quite far from the time of the release of its competitors. Despite the delay in the launch of the Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi Strada Triton, it seems that this is not a problem for Toyota. As if you present it as dessert at dinner, Toyota Hilux fascinated with new shades on the outside and inside. As a leader in the commercial segment and commercial vehicles, of course, the new version of the Toyota Hilux was taken bets on big names. Prior to the Toyota Hilux, Indonesia auto enthusiasts ready to fall for the first-class pickup in a row, ranging from Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton, the last thing we discussed, the Ford Ranger.
Reviews, Specifications and Price Toyota Hilux

Toyota variant of logo on passenger and commercial segment, Toyota Hilux certainly comes with a typical high-performance cars are multifunctional and interior design provides greater comfort. Toyota stands amongst all Toyota Hilux into two types, namely Hilux 2.5 L diesel engine and gasoline engine is another type 2.0 L. For the diesel version of the Toyota Hilux, is equipped with four-cylinder DOHC totaling 2,494 cc cubage, while for petrol Hilux, which brings DOHC Dual VVT-i that has cubage 1,998 cc. Toyota Hilux diesel cars will work on the 6-speed manual transmission, while the Hilux 2.0-liter gasoline engine will be driven by a 5-speed manual transmission system, With a very large market share, Toyota hopes that the new generation Toyota Hilux will continue the success of previous versions. In recent years, the market share of the multifunction tablet even grow quickly. This is due in part to increased demand. Well, to find out how the new sign quality Toyota vehicles, Toyota Hilux after completing a review of the last version of me in specifications and price.

Reviews, Specifications and Price Toyota Hilux

Design Toyota Hilux
The exterior design of the latest Toyota Hilux seems more fiercely with other dimensions than its predecessor. Lighthouse, Lighthouse designs comply with the Toyota Hilux large enough shape to a trapezoid shape widening upwards. On the front grille, the following use-aumento hierro design variants for a double chrome accents and matte black cab variants of the CAB. Placement of the fog lights with big enough to sweeten the appearance of the Toyota Hilux front bumper with increased dynamic design and this has been repaired by Toyota, has a great distance from the ground. Rigid connection in terms of design models directly visible, because the design of the Toyota Hilux has a body no conversion far, side glass also shows the standard design as in previous versions of the Hilux. Extra folding tubular matte black is more Toyota Hilux look more manly. Moving from the front and rear of the car, at the rear of the car directly obtained solid printing to view the specifications of stop lights Toyota Hilux in the form of squares and triangles accent on the side like a turn signal indicator. Rear bumper is also designed with a very minimalist with additional steel parts are placed under the shower wrapped in silver.

In Toyota Hilux
In general, for a car that segment of truck segment, ignoring the bustling inner side and care more about performance and capacity. It is different in the specifications of the Toyota Hilux. Toyota still considers the new car while the target segment of the mobile worker. For the high variant, the double cab Toyota Hilux 2.5 E 4 X 4 M / T, equipped with first class specification interiors. As an example, the steering wheel with leather and comes with an informative instrument panel. On the dashboard, Toyota Hilux is equipped with a 6.1-inch touch screen as the audio input and also can be integrated with the iPod via a Bluetooth connection. On the speedometer panel has a futuristic design other through speedometer panel that measures 4.2 inches TFT navigation. Toyota Hilux speedometer panel capable of displaying more accurate information.

Reviews, Specifications and Price Toyota Hilux

All new Hilux is also equipped with 4 X 4 features a simple switch. Toyota Hilux to the standard variant, although it does not include some features like the previous ones, but use a classy leather material still remains. Dash Hilux single cab or standard version is also equipped with a tachometer display board complete information, as well as light eco additional indicators for configuring the model unit. In the cockpit, Toyota Hilux double cabin can accommodate up to four passengers. In terms of additional cabin (single cabin), the rear cockpit can only serve to Baggage. Although narrower, but I looked into the rear cabin Toyota Hilux single cab is able to accommodate additional passengers, though quite risky because there is no seat belt. For one cabin Hilux, it can only accommodate two passengers, but this might impact the storage capacity of the car becomes more widespread showers. Many variants and options presented by specification Toyota Hilux certainly will make it easier to determine in accordance with the needs of consumers.

Dimensions Toyota Hilux
Segmentation precise, specification car Toyota Hilux was created to do with all kinds of Medan. By having dimensions, generation Hilux hard to get through the steep and uneven road conditions. Toyota Hilux has a dimension of 5285 mm long, 1,800 wide and 1,825 mm high. With these dimensions, the truck will look great, but still shaped when assigned to the category as a vehicle or truck business. To support the performance in all areas, the wheelbase is owned by Toyota Hilux is already quite correctly, that the 3,085 mm, and are based on the weight of the Car, which reached 2008 kg, or approximately 2 tons. Specifications wells above dimensions are for double cab Toyota Hilux variants. For the variant, unique cabin has a more streamlined dimensions, namely, length of 4.930 mm, width 1,800 mm, height 1,685 mm and a wheelbase of 2,755 mm and only weighs 1,583 kg empty or approximately 1.5 tons. In addition to the dimensions of the body adjusted to the function, the Toyota Hilux is also designed to have a ground clearance or the distance to the ground is quite high, what this car can be trusted to destroy the fields with land lines are not balanced or areas of water that have a certain depth. To provide comfort to the rider, Toyota Hilux is equipped with dual front suspension and some whisbone live axle rear suspension spring leaf. This type of suspension is very popular and widely used by coche-tipo vehicle or pickup truck. With these two suspensions, Hilux will provide comfort and safety when driving on rough terrain. Finally, behind the wheel, specification Toyota Hilux fitted with 225/70 size tires with alloy wheels 15 inch alloy rim 2.0 l and 17 inches for the type 2.5 l.

Performance Toyota Hilux
It is time to turn to the segment specification Toyota Hilux in the machine. Engine, a new generation Hilux comes with two different engine specifications corresponding variants. In general, two variants of the Toyota Hilux is composed of species that carry the diesel engine 4-cylinder in-line DOHC 16-valve. This diesel engine is a kind of machine-Toyota 2KD FTV. Four-cylinder engine that has a large cubage how 2,494 cc. TOYOTA Hilux diesel electric engine capable of throwing 144 PS 3,400 rpm Rev.

Reviews, Specifications and Price Toyota Hilux

This engine has been adapted to the fuel injection technology allows the combustion process in the engine room to run more perfect. Torque produced by the engine Toyota Hilux diesel version is 35 kgm at 1,600 to 2,800 rpm. In accordance with the character of the diesel engine, the version of the Hilux, which will provide sensitive traction and maximum power. However, like most of the other diesel vehicles, Toyota Hilux diesel version could be quite rude when driving at full strength. Then, the second version of the new generation Hilux is the kind of gasoline engine. In this type of petrol Hilux, Toyota brought DOHC Dual VVT-i 4-Cyliders in-line 16-valve. Machine Toyota Hilux in the petrol version is kind 1TR-FE Toyota engine. Engines have cubage of 1998 cc capable of throwing power of 139 PS @ 5600 rpm and 18.7 kgm of torque for rotation of 4000 rpm. Toyota Hilux petrol engine versions are also equipped with a fuel injection system that would make more efficient fuel consumption. If this type of diesel that will get a big power, the petrol version Toyota Hilux will get a machine that is more "subtle". In addition to differences cubage and also the characteristics of the engine, transmission or drive from any type of system is also different. For the diesel version will run on a 6-speed manual transmission. While the petrol version of the Toyota Hilux specification used 5-speed manual transmission.

Characteristics of the comfort and safety of Toyota Hilux
Although included in the ranks of the car carrying the pickup segment multi-functional, specification Toyota Hilux turns inside is also equipped with features that are not less interesting than an ordinary family car. Both in this segment I will revisit the specifications contained in the Toyota Hilux, especially in the function for you. Characteristics to support the safety and comfort when driving with the Hilux, Toyota has equipped the car with abundant output of new features. One is the use of 4.3-inch LCD that uses a TFT type screen. LCD panel Toyota Hilux able to provide information with a more attractive appearance. There are others to be part of the cabin address. Features Seqential Shiftmatic sport. To support the needs of entertainment, Toyota Hilux is also equipped with an LCD screen that can display playlists and also supports integration with iPod devices. In the security section, there is a feature vehicle stability control (VSC), which allows that the car remains stable and controlled when in sharp change positions. In addition, Toyota Hilux also have advanced features such as hills Reviewed help control that can be used to control the vehicle in a position so that the vehicle suddenly rises behind it will be safer. Toyota Hilux The new version is also equipped with anti-lock Braking System (ABS), which will provide more perfect braking. Also there are features of the rear differential locking systems and airbag systems for the front passenger. Toyota Hilux double cab version there is also the addition of a knee airbag and side airbags. Other support such as 2-Din audio features 4 speakers, dual air conditioning blower, power windows and central locking are also installed to complete this specification Toyota Hilux.

Price Toyota Hilux
Now is the time that we might know the latest price Toyota Hilux after giving a complete overview of the latest collection of Toyota vehicles. However, before providing information about the price of the Toyota Hilux in more detail, I'll give you a conclusion about a pickup truck that has two types to choose this. I, this car has a very gallant, sturdy, sporty and luxurious. In his heart, Hilux comes with a capacity of 2500 cc and 2000 cc DOHC engine. Robustness of the machine must also greatly affect this price is a Toyota Hilux. Also comes with a powerful engine, the latest Toyota pickup truck is also equipped with a number of advanced features such as airbags and ABS brake system. You have a formidable machine and safety characteristics, as well as safety enough entertainment to make this car a viable option for you who is a real man likes to be adventurous things. Then, what is the price of this latest Toyota Hilux?

According to information from the official website of Indonesia Toyota, Toyota Hilux actual price varies according to type. For cheaper variants, occupied by versions carry cabin Hilux 2000-cc gasoline engine. Transfers with manual transmission has an approximate amount of us $ 194 million. As for the diesel versions of the Toyota Hilux, there are three kinds of options. Hilux diesel version with the lowest price is a double cabin Hilux types of E 2.5 is priced at about $ 377 million. Meanwhile, the price of the Toyota Hilux 2.5 G type that has an interior that is larger than the type E with a price of about $ 398 million. As for the more expensive the price is occupied by a type V 2.5 L. Price Toyota Hilux 2.5 L V-type is approximately $ 435 million. Many types of choices and price Hilux is obviously allows you to determine what is appropriate to your needs.

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